Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility Initiatives

We support local communities by creating job opportunities for individuals and businesses. We are committed to hire individuals from all communities regardless of their gender, ethnicity, social and cultural backgrounds.

We support local communities by building schools. Pars Hayan has built two schools to date and plans to complete a new school by mid 2017. We are also proud to assist underprivileged newly-wed couples within communities. We support numerous charities, amongst them Kahrizak Organization, an NPO dedicated to support, accommodate and train elderly or physically challenged people as well as MS patients. We are strongly committed to mitigate environmental pollution via adopting proactive energy savings measures, particularly by reducing emission through innovative and sophisticated methods such as the "cold process" technology. In addition to that, Pars Hayan operates a careful procurement policy, giving preference to materials from sustainable sources which are less damaging to the environment. We also strive the best we can to re-use, recycle and recover resources in all company activities.

Spanning the entire company, our Environmental Management System, which is ISO 14001 accredited, supports this policy and provides the framework for setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets.