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A Successful Experience for a Multi-Brand Co.


TEHRAN – In the literature of strategic management, employing strategy of diversity is usually considered as one of the hardest strategies which has its own economic cost and risks and it is usually recommended to strong and big companies to pursue it.

In this report, we have a look at Pars Hayan Laboratory as a complete successful Iranian multi-brand company in the beauty industry.

Pars Hayan with more than 30 years of experience in the beauty and cosmetics industry is one of the most experienced companies in this field and it has presented several products related to the skin, hair and nail.

The products are either general or specialized for certain groups of woman, men, mothers and children.

The company has currently 10 brands in the cosmetics and hygienic market and each brand has its own customers.

Scientific development manager of the company Dr. Manavi says Pars Hayan due to its history and experience is one of the most reliable brands, adding that the company expands its products by regarding the quality, innovation and modern technology.

He praised the organizers of the congress on skin and hair and urged the customers to visit specialist  before using the products.

Marketing manager of the company Dr. Shahini says the countdown has begun for launching the new brand “Bio Marine”. He said the product has been unveiled during an exhibition and it will be soon enter the market.

Eng. Ashoorpoor and Eng. Rezaeei, Tehran and cities sales production managers, say that the company has a homely atmosphere and its staff work hard to produce high-quality products.

Pars Hayan Laboratory, one of the dominant leaders in the Middle East Portal in Cosmetics and Health Care Products, plays a prime role in improving the access level of end users.