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the Golden Award  Statue of the  Health-oriented

In the Health-Focused Industry Festival, Pars Hayan Company, due to positive health and safety  measures were honored and proud to receive golden award of  theConference. The indicators that were evaluated and audited by the festival and were key factors for the company's success in this evaluation were very comprehensive.specially social responsibility projects, including skin cancer prevention Project (SunSafe Brand), saving on The use of water (Fulica brand), the support of patients with dry skin and eczema (the brand of Atopia) and maternal and infant health  Support Campaign(Hydroderm baby and hydroderm lady brands), and the appropriate dissemination of informed messages in the digital and  as well as for the acquisition of important health and safety standards  like GMP,HSE, HACCP (in-process ) and in addition to health-related research and development activities space

The point that doubles the importance of this award is that The award was awarded by three ministries of health, industry and agriculture, as well as by the Food and Drug Administration   and the evaluation is carried out comprehensively and systematically on all corporate activities, including social responsibility, product development  , Health-focused R&D activity, health-promoting processes and standards, Health-oriented message in social and digital networks, and Health-based CRM.